Investigating the Chemical Properties of CAS Number 28578-16-7


CAS Number 28578-16-7, also known as (2E)-3-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-N-(1-methyl-2-phenylethyl)prop-2-enamide, is a chemical compound of interest in pharmaceutical research. Its unique chemical structure and potential pharmacological activities make it a subject of investigation for drug discovery and development. This article aims to explore the chemical properties, synthesis methods, and potential applications of CAS Number 28578-16-7.

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Chemical Properties:

CAS Number 28578-16-7 is characterized by a prop-2-enamide backbone with substituents including a dimethoxyphenyl group and a methyl-phenylethyl group. Its molecular formula is C20H23NO3, and it exists as a crystalline solid. The compound exhibits unique chemical properties owing to its molecular structure and functional groups. These properties govern its reactivity and potential pharmacological activities, making it a subject of interest in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery.


The synthesis of CAS Number 28578-16-7 involves several steps, including the condensation of appropriate precursors followed by purification and isolation of the target compound. Precise control over reaction conditions, reagent selection, and purification methods is crucial to obtaining CAS Number 28578-16-7 in high yield and purity. Various synthetic routes exist for its production, each offering advantages in terms of efficiency, scalability, and synthetic accessibility.


CAS Number 28578-16-7 holds promise for various applications in pharmaceutical research and drug development. Its unique chemical structure and potential pharmacological activities make it a candidate for the treatment of various diseases and conditions. Preliminary studies suggest that CAS Number 28578-16-7 may exhibit analgesic, anti-inflammatory, or other therapeutic properties, warranting further investigation in preclinical and clinical settings. Additionally, CAS Number 28578-16-7 may serve as a valuable tool in structure-activity relationship studies and drug design efforts aimed at developing novel therapeutics with improved efficacy and safety profiles.


In conclusion, CAS Number 28578-16-7 represents a promising chemical compound with potential applications in pharmaceutical research and drug development. Its chemical properties, synthesis methods, and potential pharmacological activities underscore its importance in medicinal chemistry and scientific research. Continued exploration of its therapeutic potential and mechanisms of action is essential for advancing our understanding of its biological activities and identifying opportunities for drug discovery and development. Collaboration between academia, industry, and regulatory agencies is crucial for translating research findings into clinical applications for the benefit of patients and society.

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